Downers Grove Weight Loss Program

Downers Grove Weight Loss Program

Our Downers Grove Weight Loss Program can help you lose weight fast, and the proof is our good-looking group of satisfied customers. You owe it to yourself to come see what Downers Grove Weight loss is all about. You’ll meet our trainers and amazing clients who have achieved their goals and are proud of it!

This is a fact: ALL women can lose weight. What’s more, they can keep losing weight, week after week, month after month, until they have reached their goal size. All it takes is a smart balance of exercise, diet and rest. No gimmicks, no fads, just proven women’s fitness principles that have been used over and over again to make women of every body type toned and lean.

Our Downers Grove Weight Loss Program offers you just that. No nonsense, just proven methods.

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In fact, a lot of what distinguishes us from other weight loss programs is what we WON’T do.

1)We will NOT have you eating too little. You will be nourished and satisfied.

Some weight loss systems, including some you might see on the internet, are based around the premise that the best way to lose weight is to cut back your calories to an insane degree. This is just complete nonsense. In fact, cutting back calories too much, like less than 1200 for the average person, will actually cause your body to store fat and start burning muscle for energy. Who wants to KEEP their fat and BURN their muscle? Nobody.

2)We will NOT Push Dietary Supplements on You

Tons of  Weight Loss Programs try to rope you in with very low fees, then sell you hundreds of dollars of useless supplements every month. Here’s the truth: you are never going to get thin from a powder or a pill. You are going to lose that weight by doing an effective, high-energy workout routine and eating a smart diet.

We will NOT Waste Your Time with Women’s Workouts that Don’t Work

When you work with one of our Downers Grove personal trainers, you will leave each weight loss workout feeling completely exhilarated, but also completely exhausted. We assume that if you came to us for personal training or Boot Camp, you came for results, and that is exactly what we intend to deliver. If you want someone who will toss you a piece of paper with a workout plan and then just stand there while counting reps, there are dozens of people who can help you. If you want to work hard and be rewarded with getting the best shape in your life, we are here for you.

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