Consistent effort creates luck

Consistent effort creates luck

These are the times – the Holidays are here. And gyms are empty because this is when the average American gains 12 lbs of fat.

Then January comes around, New Years Resolutions, and gyms are busy.

Of course it’s great that people start working out in January. The problem however is that 4 out of 5 of them quit around March.

Then they go back to their old ways, only to repeat the whole cycle the next year. Never making any progress.

This may or may not be you. Or maybe you know someone who does this. But there’s a simple trick to avoid this from happening:

>>>>> MAKE IT A HABIT <<<<<

I know this sounds simplistic. But let me explain.

We all know that consistency is what matters most, right? That consistent effort creates ‘luck’.

Yet it’s hard to stay consistent if you go TOO hard in your workouts. You won’t be able to bring up that intensity year-round.

You simply can’t go 100{019a6cb0b70768d113d258b8e9390536ddf3ccb554e689564970a5272ba59677} every session. You’ll crush yourself, wanting fast results, then end up either injured and/or sick.

This is how most people either train TOO hard, or not at all.

Instead of doing this, try the 85{019a6cb0b70768d113d258b8e9390536ddf3ccb554e689564970a5272ba59677} rule.

Train consistently at 85{019a6cb0b70768d113d258b8e9390536ddf3ccb554e689564970a5272ba59677}, for years on end. Every once in a while going all-out, but pacing yourself and ‘listening’ to your body.

Over the long run, your volume and total workload will add up to an impressive physique.

But let me put it another way.

Think of all the things you do every day..

Like tying your shoelaces, or brushing your teeth.

Do you ever hype yourself up over those things? Brushing your teeth so hard your gums start bleeding?

Little kids do that. And they do that because they’re little kids.

Don’t do it in your workout. Go 85{019a6cb0b70768d113d258b8e9390536ddf3ccb554e689564970a5272ba59677}. Get better every day. And definitely train hard – but be smart about it.

So have an awesome day, but try to keep your momentum up these next few weeks with some 85{019a6cb0b70768d113d258b8e9390536ddf3ccb554e689564970a5272ba59677} workouts. Everyone else is getting lazy, but not you!
See you soon,