Christmas Gift Idea!

Christmas Gift Idea!

Hey guys…

We hope all is well.

We just thought of way for you to save money on your Christmas Shopping this year as well to safe on your boot camp membership at the same time!

So listen up because we think you are going to love this!

If you’re like us, then you likely have a TON of people to shop for, so we also presume that you are also on a budget too.

For us, our budget is around $30 per person we shop for.

But what the heck can you get these days for $30 that is both thoughtful and meaningful?

We mean just look at the “typical” gifts?

-> Holiday Sweater? ………………………we think not!

-> A Pair of Chuck Norris Action Jeans!…………………………… Oh my goodness, I think my girlfriend would kick MY @$$ if I got those!

-> A Shake Weight?…………….Yeah Right!

Or how about….


-> The Snuggie ………………………………. Really, who thinks this stuff up?

Or how about


-> The Pet Petter! So you NEVER have to touch your beloved animal again! ………………….No really….it ACTUALLY says that on the box! 


Now we know you can likely find a better gift idea than those ones….BUT….

Here is what we have to offer you.

Right now our current members can take $100 from their January dues and instead get 3 $100 Gift Certificates to give away to your best friends, family members, neighbors or coworkers! (If you are NOT a member yet, we will take $100 off your first month.)

You can give those Gift Certificates out to your friends as gifts so that they can get started with us in January and they will each get $100 off any boot camp program as well as the following bonuses.

  1. Meal Plan
  2. Nutrition Seminar/Workshop ($50 value)
  3. Grocery Shopping Tour (($50 value)
  4. And you and your friend get to join our January Body Transformation Contest where you will be paid for every pound you lose!

So, you buy three $100 Gift Certificates as a gift for your friends AND you get $100 off your January membership!

You are out NO money! It’s a no brainer!

BUT…we only have 60 certificates made up for a total of 20 of our clients so they will sell out fast! (no really, we make these by hand and so we can’t make any more!)

How’s THAT for an AWESOME Gift Idea!

And of course….if they stay on board after their first month you will then ALSO earn a referral bonus!

So the way we see this….you have no reason NOT to do this!

If you want your set of gift certificates all you need to do is click this link right here and order online.

We will then bring them to you at camp!

Just remember, there are only enough for 20 clients

So click this link right here and order online now before they are gone!





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