Chicago Personal Trainer says: “Never Say Never!”

Chicago Personal Trainer says: “Never Say Never!”

Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to dieting, losing weight doesn’t mean you can never, ever have cheesecake or your favorite ice cream again. It’s all about taking the common sense approach to life. Have a piece of cake; not the whole thing, enjoy the party buffet, just choose some healthy options along with your favorites. If you decide to throw caution to the wind; just put extra effort into your exercises the next day. It’s that simple; really it is! An “All or Nothing” approach to life just doesn’t make sense and hardly ever works when it comes to dieting.

All or nothing

When you deny yourself of all of life’s indulgences you will set yourself up for weight loss failure. In today’s world of weight loss we see a lot of extreme solutions and sadly, they simply aren’t realistic. You won’t be able to maintain an over the top, restrictive diet for the rest of your life and a diet like this can even lead to health problems. Ultimately, an efficient diet and exercise routine will be sustainable. You don’t want to put in a lot of effort, short changing and starving yourself, only to end up faltering and gaining back your original weight and more. Instead “Never Say Never”, and enjoy some of those sweets that are so hard to resist, just make sure that over all you eat right and workout.

A lot of us who suddenly go on diets pick restrictive ones because most of these fad diets promise extreme weight loss in a short period of time; some even say that can do it without exercise! We end up depriving ourselves from outings with friends, dinner dates and other social events because of the food and drinks that are sure to be there and pose as to big of a temptation. Now, not only are we missing out on a good time; we’re guaranteed to lose patience eventually, eating everything in sight and ending up back where we started. Don’t let this happen to you; have a drink with friends, go out to dinner at that burger bar. Just make sure that when you go home that night you stick to your healthy lifestyle plan; Do your workout routine with vigor and get back on track.

DietDiets that deny all carbs or meat, dairy, fruit, pasta or rice permanently, or ask you to consume only raw foods or liquids or require that you give up a glass of wine after dinner typically are not sustainable. Take the sensible approach to healthy living; not the extreme approach. Enjoy your favorite food, just eat less of it! Eating healthy needs to be satisfying. Yes, most of us could stand to eat a lot less, and if we want to lose weight we need to follow the old adage “eat less, exercise more” to lose weight. The good news is that you can still eat your favorites – just eat less!

If you put in the effort to exercise and eat healthy in general, you’ll be able to enjoy the things in life that you want without feeling guilty. You’ll be able to live a fun, stress free lifestyle that is happy, healthy, and vibrant, even with that chocolate chip cookie, and enjoy that physique you’ve so far only dreamed of.