Carolyn Schur

Carolyn Schur

When the challenge started, we were coming off the Holidays.  I did very well over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.  I was eating like weeks 4-6 of the last challenge.  My goal was to continue the success and success was measured by weight loos (basically the scale decreasing).  When the challenge started I felt great.  I have done this before and I ready again.  Funny thing, even though I knew what to do and how to do it, this challenge was much harder.  The scale was not decreasing as quickly as last time.  Why?  I asked.  It’s because I am so much closer to my target weight.  Ok.  What to do about it.  So each Saturday, I think about the week.  I think about how work was, I thought about my sleep was, I thought about how I really ate.  Did I use protein bars instead of real food?  Did I grab something not on the plan that really was hard to record so I didn’t record it.  Yes, at times.  Did I celebrate what I did accomplish?  No, I wasn’t.  I need to do this.

Let’s fast forward to week 5.  I was down.  I had what I thought was a horrible week.  I only lost 0.8 pounds.  Why was I upset about this?  I figured it out.  I had some weight loss goals based on the first challenge.  My body is different now and I need to rethink my goals.

Let’s get to the end of the challenge.  My clothes are big to the point I need to go shopping for smaller clothes.  I feel so much stronger.  I can lift so much more weight.  I’m training for a ½ marathon.  No way could I do this last year.   So yes, I didn’t drop as much weight as last challenge but I learned a few new things along the way.

  1. I learned that the support is incredible from not only the trainers but the people who are just like me. This is not new but my confidence about myself is so much higher than a year ago.
  2. I learned I can be successful in my weight loss and not restrict myself with eating. I have to be smart.  I am a smart person.
  3. I have learned that even if the scale doesn’t change as much, I learned to celebrate non-scale victories.
  4. I have learned that the way I was eating during the end of the challenge is how I’m eating for … well ….for a while.
  5. I have learned that I can talk to you guys about anything. I can open up to you guys and you will not judge me.  You will guide me to where I need to be.
  6. I have learned it’s ok to make mistakes. I am smart but not perfect.  It’s ok to have some slips.  That is how you learn.

I would recommend one of the challenges to anyone who wants to see results.  I would caution them, however, they need to put the work in.  Weight loss is hard work.  There is no magic pill to keep weight off.  There is no secret to the success of the challenges.  You follow the plan and have a great attitude and you will see results.  You put the work in and you will be rewarded.