Hi there, Zack  here.

I want to welcome you to the Top Level Fitness Boot camp! Our boot camps are the #1 indoor boot camps in the Chicagoland area, and we’re proud of it!

We set up this webpage for you, as a new bootcamper, as a start-up guide so you are completely set up for success in your boot camp journey! Let’s first start with the “3-Step Quick Start Guide”.

3-Step Quick Start Guide

STEP 1) Food 50{019a6cb0b70768d113d258b8e9390536ddf3ccb554e689564970a5272ba59677} of your results come from nutrition. Start a free account here and start food-logging right away.

STEP 2) Meal Plans. Visit our Meal Plans Page. You’ll find our meal plans located there. For women, start with 1,200 – 1,300. For men, go 1,700, and if it’s not enough calories, add in a protein shake.

STEP 3) Cardio homework. Make sure you burn calories on your non-bootcamp days! You can do it on a treadmill, or jogging outside, riding a bike, using an elliptical, or even doing jogging in place and doing jumping jacks in your living room. There are many ways to do interval training.


Now, let’s start with the biggest step in your training, setting the correct mindset. Your mindset will determine your success more than anything else.

You really only need 3 things to succeed in fitness, or anything else in life – desire, commitment, and consistency. With these three things, anything is possible. However, before we can start anything, we first need to visualize where you’re at now, and where you want to go. Then you’ll put everything in writing.  This process will be your road map to your success. Once you’ve finished writing down your goals, feel free to e-mail them to us at

We’ve set up the “Bootcampers Transformation Tool-kit” for you below. But first, let’s start with the correct mindset!

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The first step – visualization.

Humor me for a moment, and allow yourself to visualize and think without limits. I’d like you to slow down for a moment. Don’t worry, the “rat-race world” will be there when you’re done…but for now, just relax. Bring an awareness to your breathing. Let your shoulders drop, and release some of the tension. Breathe into your abdomen for 10 slow breaths. Seriously…stop what you’re doing and just count 10 slow breaths. Each time you count a breath, let your stomach muscles soften, and your temples, eyes and neck muscles relax. Go ahead, do this now.

Now that you’re relaxed, it’s time to think big thoughts, and like a seed, plant them in your mind so the idea will grow. I’d like you to first think about where you’re at in your life right now. What has been going on with you lately, and how has your life circumstances been building stress up in you? Everyone has stress, but we don’t often look at it directly.

What does the stress built up in you feel like? How do you feel about yourself, your body, your life right now? If you’re discontent with anything in your life, that’s a good thing. Without discontent, you won’t stand a chance to succeed if weight loss and fitness is your goal. What you are learning right now is that your discontent is the most powerful fuel you can ever find in creating the first key element in your success – Desire!

Now that you’ve connected with your stressors, put that aside. Relax again. Do you see how much easier it is to bring back that relaxed state once you’ve already done it? Everything takes practice, and I’d like you to practice that relaxed state a few times per day. From now on, I want you to know that part of your boot camp training is to stay in a state of relaxation for yourself as much as possible during your day. (This will help with weight loss directly, by lowering the stress hormone, Cortisol, which is responsible for the body storing fat in the abdominal region.)

Now, I’d like you to visualize your perfect body, and more importantly, how you’d like to feel in that body. First, picture it in your mind. What do your clothes look like on you? How does your waistline look? How about your arms, legs, chest and back?

Allow yourself to visualize without limits. This is a very important exercise to get your subconscious mind aligned with your conscious goals. Now, visualize yourself in your new body, doing the things you’d like to do, with the people in your life who are special to you (or maybe even people who are yet to be in your life). Spend some time playing with this visualization. I assure you, it’s not childish or foolish. The worlds leading CEO’s, super-achievers, and people who’ve gone through major body and life transformations have all done techniques similar to the visualization and relaxation techniques I’m sharing with you now.

Now that you’ve visualized this new body, and this new feeling of how you’d like to look and feel, write it down. Writing is one of the most powerful tools to align your subconscious mind with your conscious goals. Here, you’ve built your castle in the sky. Now it’s time to build the foundation underneath it.

Below are tools to help you with your boot camp journey. Remember, it’s desire, commitment and consistency that will get you there, and the boot camp instructors and your fellow bootcampers are your built-in support system, here to help you along the way!

Meal plan options

Most women will use between 1,300 and 1,500 calories. For men, try 1,500 – 1,700 calories, or if that’s not enough, add in a protein shake (100-200 calories).

Whether you decide to use our meal plans, or stick with your own program, we highly recommend logging your foods and turning your food logs into us weekly. Studies show this is the #1 thing you can do to ensure your weight loss results. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll lose weight through exercise alone.

The boot camp workouts

Our boot camp workouts are always different. We are constantly changing it up so your body doesn’t adapt, and so the workouts are always fresh and new. One of the reasons people come to boot camp even after they’ve hit their goals is that boot camp is fresh, new and exciting all the time. It makes sticking to a fitness lifestyle much more easy to stick with.

Cardio homework

You can do it on a treadmill, or jogging outside, riding a bike, using an elliptical, or even doing jogging and jumping jacks in your living room. There are many ways to do interval training.

The Blog

Visit our blog regularly for fitness tips, adventures, and fun and interesting fitness topics!

Bootcampers on Facebook

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Final words of wisdom

Remember, this isn’t 24-Hour Fitness. You’re not attending a gym. We don’t care about fancy treadmills with TV’s on them. This is boot  camp.

Boot camp is a journey. It’s the real-deal when it comes to training. You will work, sweat, achieve. There aren’t too many other experiences in the fitness world that can give you what boot camp training can give. But remember, just like life, what you get out of boot camp depends on what YOU put into it.


Welcome to boot camp!