Boot camper spotlight… Angela Fornelli – a strong woman inside and out!

Boot camper spotlight… Angela Fornelli – a strong woman inside and out!

***Top Level Fitness welcomes the awesome Angela Fornelli as our guest blogger today. Being an avid boot camper now, Angela shares the beauty of her life – experiencing herself as a dreamer and achiever, finding her inner strength and reaching her goals. One strength leads to another in her life journey, enjoying each moment. Check out Angela’s blog post and be sure to share your thoughts in the COMMENTS section below.  If you’re using social media please share this post…. Thank you, Angela! ***


Top Level Fitness makes you stronger inside and out

My bed. Chicago-style pizza. Boot camp.

Those are the three things I missed the most when I was away from Chicago, traveling in Latin America for three months recently.

I never imagined boot camp would be on that list. When I started last fall, I hadn’t exercised consistently in years and was very out of shape. It was tough – I remember struggling to get up the stairs to my third-floor condo after the first few sessions.

But eventually, Top Level Fitness boot camp workouts became something I looked forward to and never wanted to miss. Finally, after years of trying to go to the gym but just not sticking with it or enjoying it, I found something that worked for me: The fast-paced interval training, variety in exercises, group setting and motivation from an experienced trainer all made the difference for me.

After six months of boot camp, I gained a lot of strength, lost a lot of fat and simply felt better mentally and emotionally. In fact, the mental and emotional benefits eventually became the biggest motivators for me; on those mornings when I felt too tired to get up and go to boot camp, I reminded myself of how much better I’d feel afterward. My energy levels and mood throughout the days was noticeably improved.

All the hard work also paid off on my recent three-month trip – I had the energy and strength to do things like climbing an active volcano, walking for hours and hours to discover new cities and exploring ancient Mayan ruins.

The trip was a lifelong dream that took years of dedication – and the courage to take a career break – to achieve. Interestingly, the process of working toward this goal and finding the inner strength to reach it taught me similar lessons I had learned in boot camp: You have to work hard to get what you want, and it’s not going to be easy, but the payoff will be worth it. And, you have to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to get there.

Now that I’ve returned, I’m back at boot camp (and I must admit I also indulged in Chicago-style pizza the first day back – sorry Kosta!) and I remember these things to motivate me through each workout. I now know it’s possible to accomplish anything you put your mind to, and that exercising is as much about inner strength as it is about physical strength. I’m looking forward to getting stronger and stronger thanks to Top Level Fitness!

*picture of Angela on an active volcano in Guatemala