Barb Marshall

Barb Marshall

I found out about Top Level Fitness from a friend who used to workout with me at another health club and she said this is a step up and a step better and I should join up.

I was ready for a change and getting ready for a trip with my husband and I wanted to really up my motivation.I love the motivation I am given and the detail to form.

I definitely feel stronger and I have less cellulite, I was working on that for years and couldnโ€™t get rid of it. Started working out at Top Level Fitness and saw results almost from the start.

What I like most about Top Level Fitness is the duration of the workouts and the efficiency of them.

Also, the personal attention to your correct form really makes a difference.

Zack is awesome and a great motivator, and no matter who I ask questions they always take personal interest in it, and they are very attentive and caring. The personal attention from the staff is awesome.

Those people out there that say โ€œI donโ€™t have time to work outโ€ must come to Top Level Fitness.