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Samantha Ramirez
Torrie Dillon
Brenda Howe
Pavani Koduri
Whitney Brenna
Traci Wolff
Lina Kalvaitis

5 stars and no less! Very talented team of trainers. And safety obviously is a number 1 priority at the gym.

Ieva Sc

Great staff, friendly, professional and always willing to help. love workouts as well! You will be sweating for sure! If you feel that it is too much, trainers will modify exercises! Highly recommend!

Kevin Gallaher

The commitment to working the entire body through different exercises in a supervised environment.

Ami Patel

I have been to multiple gyms in my past but this is the one place that has helped me keep coming for more workouts. I finished 6 weeks challenge wherein workouts and nutrition plan has helped me a lot. The best part is that the exercises are never the same and all the coaches are very helpful. They push your limits and ensure correct form. I highly recommend Top Level!

Lynne Mathey

Top Level Fitness is a fun, effective workout. The workouts are always different so you don’t get bored and the trainers are there to help coach you or provide modifications when needed! Great place!

Brad Morice

Top Level Fitness is a great place to workout. I just finished the 6 week challenge successfully and I plan on joining permanently. In the 6 weeks working out and following their meal plan I lost 9.6% body fat. I have a lot more energy and I definitely see a difference in my workouts and of course my physical appearance. David, Chris and Sean are great trainers to work with. They keep you motivated during the workouts and know what they are talking about. In my case since I have some major injuries(two thirteen inch titanium poles fused to my spine) they always are right there making sure that the exercise I am doing is not bothering my back. If it is they modify it right there on the spot. The workouts always change and it pushes you every time you go there. Everyone that works there is extremely nice, even Liz at the front desk is a joy to talk to. The owner Zach is very involved in the gym too, he has lead some classes I have been in. He is a very motivating guy. They offer cryotherapy as well, this does wonders for people that have injuries like myself. Three minutes in the -140 degrees chamber and you feel like a new person. I highly recommend this to people that have injuries or are very sore after workouts. Overall this is a great gym to workout at.

Michael Krumholz

Top Level Fitness is not like any other gym. I just completed the six week challenge and I can tell you that the staff members at TLF are dedicated to making sure each client is successful. When I began the challenge, it had been a very long time since I exercised. Zack, Sean and Chris made sure that I could continue with the program by modifying exercises for me. I didn't have to stop because certain exercises were too hard. At the same time, they pushed me when I needed that too. The staff members really know what they are doing. They have a solid understanding of the exercises and health in general. They gave me great nutrition advice and helped me when I had an injury. Chris took the time to teach me stretches that I could do at home to help my leg. Again, because of his help, I was able to continue with the program. The members of the gym are wonderful too. People were very supportive and I found some great workout buddies who encouraged me along the way. I would definitely recommend Top Level Fitness to anyone who is looking for an exceptional gym.

Quinn Cooperman

I found Top Level Fitness on Facebook and decided to try it out. It was a great choice I made, they helped me reach my goals on losing 20 pounds and 6 percent body fat. The staff was always there to help you out in any questions you had on your diet plan. They also pushed you on the workouts so you got the full benefit from the workout. If you want to finally change you way of life on your weight this is the best way to do it. I highly recommend using Top Level Fitness on reaching your goals.

Vladislav Ursu

Top Level Fitness is hands down, the best gyms I have ever been to. I started with a 6 weeks challenge here and continued with a year membership right after. Their workouts are great and fit for any person, each exercise is demonstrated by the coaches in the beginning in order to perform your workout in best possible form and achieve max results. Staff here a TLF are awesome and very supportive wether is the fact that you are always greeted with a smile or whether you need advise in fitness, meal or just a person that will support you mentally thought your journey towards achieving your desired goal, they are there for you anytime. Also Top Level Fitness provides you with accurate measurements and document your progress every step of the way. The environment here feels like family! To me joining the Top Level Team has been one of the best decisions in my life!

Sandra Geib-Ingram

I am so glad I came across the ad for the free 6 week challenge at Top Level Fitness! I recently, successfully, completed the 6 week challenge, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have weight to lose and this gym gave me every tool to do it. I lost 23.8 pounds in just the six weeks. The coaches, the workout program and the meal plan really made it simple and kept me wanting more. If you can stick to the instructions given to you, I highly recommend this gym to get you into shape and to be healthy. Sean was a great coach and the other trainers are great to work with and kept you motivated during the workouts! Overall this is a great gym to workout at!

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