6 Week New Years Revolution Challenge

6 Week New Years Revolution Challenge

 How to earn points

The contest starts Monday January 9th and ends Monday Feb 20th. Every contested will be measured and weighted in on January 9th and Feb 20th. The results will be announced on February 24th. Since everyone’s body type and fitness goal is different we decided to set up the contest based on points and that way everybody will have a fair chance to win.  There will be individual and a group contest. With the group contest we will separate everyone into two teams – BLUE and GREEN.  The teams will be competing for points and each one will have a captain. The teams with most overall points will be the winner. For the individual contest everyone will earn points just for themselves. The prize for the individual contest is an iPad2 and for the group contest the prize is a celebration party.

Here are the 10 different ways to earn points:

1. Attendance – 3 points for all weekly workouts. If you miss a workout you get 2 points. If you miss 2 workouts you get 1 point. If you miss 3+ workouts you get 0 points. Your success is going to relate directly to how often you show up for your sessions, therefore you will earn points for sessions you attend. (For next 6 weeks all contestants are granted  full access to our boot camp – Naperville 5 times a week, Chicago 3 times a week).

BONUS – earn 5  bonus points by attending every single workout for the duration of the contest (6 weeks).

2. Weight loss

    • For every percent body fat lost – 3 points
    • For every inch lost – 1 point

3. Fitness Challenges – 1 point. During the 6 weeks of the contest there will be assigned individual and group challenges. For winning an individual challenge you earn 1 point and for winning a group challenge everyone in the winning team will be rewarded with 1 point.

4. Facebook check in or comment – 1 point.  Check in to Facebook every time you attend bootcamp or post a comment on our Facebook wall and you’ll be rewarded with 1 point. If you post a comment or upload a picture on your Facebook wall don’t forget to tag us so you can get credit.You can chat in the groups with other members but ONLY comments posted on our Facebook wall will be counted as a points.  You can make as many comments as you want but you’ll earn 1 point per day. (Click Here to become friends on Facebook)

 5. My Fitness Pal – 1 point.  Nutrition is said to be up to 70{019a6cb0b70768d113d258b8e9390536ddf3ccb554e689564970a5272ba59677} of a good fitness program. It is also said that those who are most successful at weight loss are those who write down everything they put into their mouths. Therefore logging your meals on our nutrition online tracker will give you 1 point for every day you log in your meals. Please when you create MyFitnessPal account upload an image and change your username to your first and last name and add 123 at the end (secret code for the challenge participants).

 6Comment on our Blog – 1 point. We have old blog posts and we’ll be posting more for the next 6 weeks. You can make as many comments as you want but you’ll earn 1 point per blog post per day. (Click Here to go to our Blog)

 7. Write a Review for Top Level Fitness on Google – 3 points

 8. Write a Review for Top Level Fitness on Yelp – 3 points

 9. Bring a friend – 3 points. Bring a friend, family member or co-worker for a free workout.

 10. Referral 5 points. If you friends signs up after their free workout for any of our available programs, you’ll earn additional 5 points (and $50 Referral Bonus).

 Ok gang that is for now. Let the best one win:)