6 Weeks Fitness Challenge and Member of the Year winners

6 Weeks Fitness Challenge and Member of the Year winners

First we want to thank you all participants in the 6 Weeks Fitness Challenge. On January 9th we launched our 6 Weeks Contest and we we were planning on having about 20 people, but we end up with almost 60 people:)

We are happy to say that everybody did a great job and an most of the contestants had awesome results. And not only that but we all had lots of fun for those 6 weeks.

The contest is over but the life isn’t so we will continue doing our best in helping you to achieve your fitness goals and get stronger.

Initially the plan was to reward with a celebration party the winning team, but in our eyes everyone wins, and everyone deserves to be rewarded for the hard work.

Many  of you couldn’t make it to the lunch party yesterday but we had a great time and for those of you that didn’t make it you missed a good meal!  Maybe next time!:)

For those who were there Thank You for coming, it was great seeing you all outside of boot camp, we should definitely do this more often.

Now lets see the stats from the contest:

The winner of the 6 Weeks Fitness Challenge is Carolyn Vitte from the blue team with 228 points! She was rewarded with the grand prize an iPad2Congratulations Carolyn, you definitely deserved it. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, it is real pleasure to have you as a part of our family!

Blue Team is the winning team in the challenge!

Here is the final standing from the 6 Weeks Fitness Challenge:

  • Total Points – Download PDF here<===
  • Total Weight Loss – Over 220 lb
  • Total inches lost – Over 295

If you want to see some of the individual transformations and see how much weight, body fat % and inches they lost, visit our Success Stories page.

About a month ago we launched the Member of the Year contest, and after few rounds of voting we have a winner.

 Top Level Fitness Member of the Year 2011 is Sandy Miller.



We want to say BIG Thank You to Sandy! In recognition of her dedication and hard work Sandy is rewarded with 3 months of FREE  training with Top Level Fitness and a $100 restaurant gift certificate.

We also wanted to show our show our appreciation for all the hard work and loyalty to Theresa Clifford, who also is rewarded with a FREE month of bootcamp and a $100 restaurant gift certificate.

Monica Bremner with most facebook votes from the contest also wins a FREE month of bootcamp.

Once again we want to thank you all for being part of Top Level Fitness, you’re awesome! We appreciate you and we are really honored that you chose Top Level Fitness to help you with your fitness and health.




See you all at bootcamp,

Top Level Fitness Team






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