6 Week New Years Challenge 2014

6 Week New Years Challenge 2014

 Challenge Rules How to Earn Points

The contest officially starts starts Sunday January 19th and ends Saturday March 1st. The results will be announced on March 15th.  January 15-18th will be BodyMetrix and FitRanx days.

There will be individual winner and a winning team. Everyone will be separate into three teams.

The teams will be competing for points and each one will have a captain.The team Captains are: Heather Johnson (mostly 5.30 group), Sheila Young (6.30am, 9.30am and 4.30pm mostly) and Kim Flaherty(evening groups).

The team with most overall points will be the winning team. For the individual contest everyone will earn points just for themselves. The prize for the individual contest is an iPad Mini and for the group contest celebration party for the winning team, as well and the biggest reward NEW YOU in just 6 weeks.

Here are the different ways to earn points:

1. Attendance 1 point for every day you workout at the gym. The more you workout, the more points you’ll get and better results you’ll see, simple as that.

• BONUS – earn 2 bonus points for your team by attending the challenge workout every Saturday. See below for more details.

2. Weight loss

– For every percent body weight lost – 5 points
– For every {019a6cb0b70768d113d258b8e9390536ddf3ccb554e689564970a5272ba59677} Fat Loss – 5 points
– For every inch lost – 2 points

3. My Fitness Pal log in1 point for every day you log your meals. We will check and give you feedback on your nutrition every week. Points are counted for completed meal logs.

4. Fitness Challenges –During the 6 weeks of the contest there will be assigned 12 individual (short, 3-5 minutes) challenges and 6 group challenges (every Saturday morning at 8am).

• Individual Challenges – 2 points just for doing the challenge. The individual challenges will be short challenges and they will be done every Monday and Wednesday at the end of each workout.  If you miss the individual challenge on Monday or Wednesday you can make up any day of the week. You can also challenge the person with best result of the challenge any day of that week, but no later than Saturday 10am. That needs to be done at TLF after a workout. For winning an individual challenge you’ll earn 5 extra points. The team with the most challenges won will get an extra 50 points.

• Team Challenges– earn 2 points for your team by attending the challenge workout every Saturday at 8am. The first team challenge is on Saturday January 25th at 8am. The winning team will receive double points. For example: team Heather has 10 people attending the challenge workout and team Sheila and team Kim 8 people. Heather’s team receive 20 points towards the team points (2 points for each person doing the challenge workout), and the other two teams 16 points. If Heather’s team wins, the team receive 20 additional points. (the challenge workout points are not counting towards the individual points).  If you are away that weekend, or you prefer to do the normal Tabata workout on Saturday you will get only 2 points  going towards your team regardless if your team win or not (picture or video is needed as proof of working out when away).

5. Facebook – 1 point a day. Check in to our Top Level Fitness Training Facebook page every time you attend your workouts with a comment or if you don’t workout that day post a comment on our Top Level Fitness Training Facebook Page (not Zack Toplevelefitness-that is my personal account), or post or share a comment or photo from our Facebook page to your Facebook wall, and you’ll be rewarded with 1 point. If you post a comment or upload a picture on your Facebook wall don’t forget to tag Top Level Fitness Training Page (look out for the blue and green TLF logo) so you can get credit. You can chat in the groups with other members as much as you want but ONLY comments posted on the TLF FB page OR when you tag our TLF FB page will be counted as a point. You can make as many comments as you want but you’ll earn 1 point per day.

6. FitRanx – fitness test

– Attend a fitness test (if you don’t pass Level 1) – 10 points
– For successfully completing Level 1  – 30 points
– Add additional 30 points for every higher level you successfully complete. For example: if you complete Level 2 at the end of the challenge you receive 30 (Level 1 first time) + 30 (level 1 second time) = 60 OR 30 + 60 (level 2 second time) = 90 and ect

7. Referrals10 points. I have special 2 weeks trial program where you can bring your friends to workout with for 2 weeks unlimited times for ONLY $49.  If your friends sign up after their trial period for any of our available programs, you’ll earn additional 20 points (and $50 Referral Bonus).

The week starts on Sunday ends on Saturday.

I have created secret Facebook groups for each Team (only the people of the team can see your posts) where you can communicate with the rest of your team members and your coaches.

Those groups will be used to post all your questions for us, to motivate and cheer others and to CHECK IN with your points for the week. Check in need to be done every Sunday or Monday morning (before 12pm). If you prefer you can send us an email with your points.

Your check in need to include:

– Pounds Lost – how many (include any feedback or questions you may have)
– Attendance points –
– Facebook Points –
– My Fitness Pal points –
– Challenges for the week points (individual and group) –
– Referrals points –

Carolyn Witte will be in charge of collecting the points and helping you with any technical questions you may have. The total points for the week will be posted in your groups and emailed to you after we collect all points on Monday or Tuesday the latest.

Please tag my personal account Zack Toplevelfitness if you have questions for me so I can see and answer those questions on time.

Good luck and have fun!