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Naperville Fitness

After a strenuous workout, the various muscle groups may experience fatigue, stiffness or soreness. If a session was particularly grueling, an individual may even suffer from muscle spasms. Receiving a brief massage after a personal training session can alleviate these side effects of a workout and decrease the time it takes muscles to heal after a workout. With less downtime, athletes and other gym goers are able to continue regular workouts and obtain faster results. For this reason, many gyms and fitness studios are now offering massage services in their facilities.

Massage therapy is especially useful after a workout because it focuses on the soft tissue facets of body massage. The ligaments, muscles and tendons tend to be more supple and flexible after a massage. This allows the body to recover faster, maintain full range of motion and stay in premium performance condition. Having fully relaxed and healthy muscles also helps athletes avoid muscle strain from continuous as well as other sports related injuries. Of course, fewer injuries means less time off the field or out of the Naperville gym.

The overall benefits of massage therapy go beyond just the physical strength. Massage releases endorphins in the brain and makes the body “feel good” all over. This can help the brain make a strong connection between working out and feeling relaxed. Perhaps this phenomena is how people become addicted to Naperville Fitness sessions. Regular massage therapy is used for more than just athletes and gym members. The pronounced effects of massage on patients suffering from anxiety and depression were so outstanding that many therapists now suggest weekly massages for their patients afflicted by various mental disorders.

It is obvious that the many benefits of massage therapy can be extended from professional athletes to amateur bodybuilders, and everyone in between. There are virtually no drawbacks to massage therapy, unless of course you count falling asleep on the table.



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